Four Little-Known Facts About Workers' Compensation

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Over the course of my 40 years as an attorney, I have been practicing law in over 50 North Carolina counties. As such, I have helped countless clients. My law firm, James M. Snow Law, offers many legal services in several areas of law, including both state and federal workers’ compensation.

Four Little-Known Facts About Workers' Compensation

In my experience, I have found that many workers do not understand what they are entitled to under workers’ compensation law and what it can do for them if they have sustained an injury while on the job. Because of this lack of knowledge on the subject among workers, I have compiled a short list of little-known facts about workers’ compensation.

1. Most employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. With very limited exceptions, any employer with more than two employees in North Carolina is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, just because your employer carries workers’ compensation doesn’t mean you are automatically entitled to said compensation. Your claim can be denied. If you choose to appeal, make sure you heed advice from a workers’ compensation attorney.
2. You should report your injury immediately. Because you have to file your claim within a certain time frame to be eligible for workers’ compensation, you should do so as soon as possible after the incident.
3. You don’t need to prove that your employer is at fault. Many workers worry that they will need to prove their employers to be negligent in order to claim compensation, but this isn’t true. Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance.
4. You can receive compensation for more than one job. Let’s say you work two jobs. If you are injured while working at one job and your injury prevents you from working at either of your jobs, you can get compensated for the wages you would have earned at both.

For more information about workers’ compensation law, contact me today. I can help you file your claim or appeal a denial.