Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

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When we eventually pass away, our loved ones often have to deal with logistical concerns like funerals on top of dealing with their grief. It’s very difficult for them to have to plan things and be functional when they’ve just lost one of the most important people in their lives. However, one thing can make life easier for your loved ones once you are gone: estate planning.

Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

With estate planning, you can have peace of mind with the knowledge that your loved ones will be taken care of when you are gone. It’s true that you can do your own estate planning, but hiring an estate planning attorney is in your best interests for several reasons:

• They can ensure that your plans are in accordance with state laws. If you take care of your estate planning on your own, you risk creating a plan that doesn’t adhere to the complex probate and trust laws. However, hiring an estate planning attorney means you don’t have to worry about your documents being non-compliant.

• They know the specific language to use. Lawyers deal with the complexities of legal language regularly, so they can make sure your documents actually accomplish what you set out for them to accomplish. They can also make sure the wording is clear to help avoid future disagreements among your beneficiaries.

• They can protect your beneficiaries from having to pay high taxes. An experienced estate planning attorney knows how to reduce the amount of estate and inheritance taxes that your beneficiaries may have to pay.