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My estate law experience extends to planning, settlement, and dispute resolution.

Estate law is one area of the law that most overlook until they are forced to deal with it. I help you take a proactive approach to estate law issues while also making the process much easier by providing personal attention, friendly service, and detailed results. I accept estate law cases all over the U.S., including right here in the High Point, North Carolina area.

Estate Law in High Point, North Carolina

If you are new to estate law or lack a comprehensive plan up to this point, I begin the process by advising my clients to choose both a durable and healthcare power of attorney. These essential documents ensure that if you were ever no longer of sound mind, there would be no issues carrying out your wishes and plans. Following the creation of these documents, I can help you design a legally binding will that promotes your best interests after your death.

At the conclusion of the planning stage, I will remain available to you and the executor of your will to ensure your estate is settled according to your plans. I can also help you settle an estate if you are acting in an administrative role to handle issues related to debt collection, distribution of assets, filing probate paperwork, and more.

Do you need experienced, reliable legal assistance with estate planning, estate settlement, or estate dispute resolution? Contact me at James M. Snow Law today to secure the personalized legal assistance you need and want.


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