The Dangers of Not Planning for End-of-Life with Your Attorney

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When someone in the public spotlight is seen saying their goodbyes and transitioning to comfort care for their terminal illness, we get a first-hand glance at how it looks when someone has the opportunity to plan for the end of their life. The problem is that many people never get the chance to set their own rules for their final days because they failed to meet with their attorney to discuss their wishes and set up a financial plan that meets those challenges. Here are a few of the dangers involved with not planning:

  • Inability to Have End-of-Life Care at Home: Roughly 30 percent of those on Medicare who want to have their final days at home can achieve it. The other 70 percent cannot due to lack of planning.

 The Dangers of Not Planning for End-of-Life with Your Attorney

  • Lack of Input About Level of Care: Only a small percentage of people want all possible care when they are in their final days, yet the costs are staggering for care they didn’t even want but received anyway. When you can no longer provide input for one reason or another, you’ll be put through every conceivable test and procedure the hospital and doctors devise. With documentation in place, prepared by your attorney, you’ll still have a voice.
  • Lack of Choice Between Quality and Quantity of Life: Speaking of those tests and procedures, many of them are invasive, painful, or at least uncomfortable. The worst part is they might not even buy you any time. With an end-of-life plan, you can state when you want life extending treatment and when you want to enjoy the quality of life you have rather than worry about time.
  • Inability to Give Closure: Few achieve the closure that someone with a terminal illness can. A sudden injury or quick decline can leave you unable to say the things you want to convey to your family and friends. Plan ahead and put those things in writing so they can be shared with your loved ones if you are unable to speak to them yourself. An estate attorney can assist you with estate planning so your estate is distributed the way you desire.

Here at James M. Snow Law, we provide legal services related to end-of-life issues so that your voice will be heard and your wishes made known. An attorney can assist you with the necessary documents and legal advice so the right actions can be taken should the need arise. Contact us today for more information.