Quality Over Price: The Right Choice When Hiring a Lawyer

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“Nothing is more expensive than a cheap lawyer.” You have probably heard that phrase but may never have actually thought about it until now when you need a lawyer. What does it mean to you and how may you protect yourself?

Quality Over Price: The Right Choice When Hiring a Lawyer

If you are like most people, you want goods and services that are cheap and delivered quickly. Although it is human nature to want the same from your lawyer, a cheap lawyer can cost you in the end when it comes to the outcome of your case, the level of service delivered, and your overall experience. One thing I often say is that experience costs much less than incompetence.

I can assure you that partnering with a lawyer who is experienced, ethical, and committed will provide higher returns for your case. On the other hand, a lawyer who charges low rates may not spend the time on your case it deserves, rush the outcome and only achieve marginal results.

I know it may be unconventional to talk about fees and rates for legal services, but I am always happy to discuss my exact charges with you as part of my dedication to providing transparent service. Keep in mind that my hourly rate pays for the time I spend on your case, but I do not bill you separately for mileage, long distance charges, postage and paralegal time. In addition, in many cases I give you a “not to exceed” price meaning that if my time exceeds that quote, you only pay that price, but if my time is less, then that is what you pay. Further, I put it in writing before we proceed. That way you are protected from runaway billing and we both work to bring about the most efficient and economical outcome.

I will go over these points again during our initial consultation, so you feel fully informed going forward.  I follow that consultation with a written engagement letter which explains my commitment to you. To discuss your case, my fees, what I bring to any legal case, and why quality is always worth it when hiring a lawyer, feel free to contact my firm directly.