Why You Need to Talk to an Estate Planning Attorney

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Unfortunately, we all have to ask the question, “What will happen when I pass away?” The answer to this question is the reason why everyone should talk to an estate planning attorney. You may have family members to consider or assets that you want to share. Here are a few reasons why an estate planning attorney is so important:

  • You Want to Guarantee Your Wishes are Carried Out. Estate plans are used to list who will receive your assets as well as when those assets will be received. Plans can name a guardian for minor children as well as specify plans for beneficiaries with special needs. By using an estate planning attorney, you can minimize the taxes and legal fees for your family and friends.

Why You Need to Talk to an Estate Planning Attorney

  • You Need to Protect Yourself. Estate plans are not only useful in the event of death. If you become disabled or incapacitated, your estate plan can detail powers of attorney and healthcare directives.
  • Estate Planning Laws Are Complex. You may be wondering if you could get away with writing a will yourself. However, intricate laws and processes make this task a risky endeavor to take on yourself. A good attorney can determine what you can include in your estate plan. If you work with me, I will ensure that formalities are followed and needed witnesses are involved when signing your will or trust. I understand the documents and wording required to protect your assets and interests in a quick, stress-free experience.
  • Estate Planning Attorneys Will Help Your Family Avoid the Probate Process. The court process for transferring an estate to heirs can be long and expensive. With careful estate planning and the help of an attorney, you can help your family reduce the time in probate or avoid it altogether.

At James M. Snow Law, I can help you plan for the future. I am a qualified estate planning attorney with experience sorting out complex situations. I can create an estate plan that will match your needs and ensure that your wishes are carried out.