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There are many ways that you can show love to your loved ones. One of the best, and yet the most neglected, is to figure out your wants and wishes for your care in your older age. When you don’t plan and assume simply that your loved ones will take care of you, you are asking for trouble. With seniors living longer than ever before thanks to better access to life-saving measures and medical care, some people can be retired and needing care for almost as long as they spent working! Today is the day to take care of your long-term care planning, which we can help you with here at James M. Snow Law.

take care of your long-term care planning

One of the first things you’ll want to do is decide how and where you’d like to live out your golden years. Some people may want to stay in their homes with some modifications and the help of a nurse’s aide. Others might prefer to move to a retirement community where things are taken care of for them. Are you prepared to pay for the costs associated with skilled care?

The next thing you need to do is communicate your long-term care planning desires to your loved ones, especially the one that will be in charge of your medical decisions should you be in a state where you are unable to make these decisions yourself. For more information about long-term care planning, let James M. Snow Law help you today.